Susan R. Hall

About Susan R. Hall

“The meditative space and inner and outer worldliness of the painting is something I am drawn to.  By observing the perfect imperfections of the leaf, one sees beyond the surface to the actual beauty and into the depth of the object. Removing ourselves from viewing the surface and going deeper bonds us with others and with nature.

Art is my visual language, bringing hope, discovery, compassion, and empowerment to the viewer.

Art for me is a language of my spirit. As I experience the beauty of this world, the challenges, pain and the joys, my paintings become the pages of my story. I strive to capture the quiet moments of life through art. Nature continues to be the place I go for inspiration and renewal. Some paintings dance on the edge of heaven and earth, others look back to history and time, each reflects a place in eternity.

Art for me is a language telling our histories and legacies. From my mother to my grandmother and back to my great grandfather (who studied with the Ash Can School artists, Robert Henri and William Glackens), I have been embraced with the love of art.

My art experience of being a medical illustrator to my current work continues to relate directly and metaphorically to the heart. I work with layers of imagery and spatial planes, attempting to connect with people on a deep personal and emotional level.” – Susan R. Hall

Susan Russell Hall is a Northwest artist and medical illustrator. Since her first solo exhibition in 1977 Women’s Cultural Center at the University of Washington, her artworks have been exhibited nationally, as well as internationally.

Also, since 1979, she has continued to document pediatric heart surgeries with her drawings from the operating room and has had these medical illustrations published in numerous books.