Frank Okada

About Frank Okada

“On the West Coast artists are not as caught up in the theoretical artistic issues that are discussed in many of the New York art publications. Since these issues are not immediate enough for them, artists here tend to develop paintings out of responses to their materials. At least that’s how I work.

I paint almost every day. All of my work is in oil, which, because of the time it takes to dry, allows the process of painting to be a reflective activity.

Recently, I have made an effort to move away from pure color field painting, where forms are suggested, to painting with strong structural definition. I want the forms and colors to protrude more and to be more aggressive.

A young artist can make dramatic changes in style or approach. A young artist has that flexibility of choice. What could look like a subtle change in an older artists work might be a major change.”  – Frank Okada (1931-2000)