Gloria DeArcangelis

About Gloria DeArcangelis

“To me there is a wonderful presence in the place where darkness meets illumination. It is a visual place but it’s also a psychological place for me. I use layers of transparent pigments to create shadows that the body seems to be receding into.

I also use thin layers of more opaque colors to create the illusion of the form being illuminated as it emerges from the shadows.  I use shadows and light to refer to a liminal moment, the threshold of a response or of an awareness. In my paintings the tension of light and dark is both method as well as metaphor.” – Gloria DeArcangelis

Gloria DeArcangelis received her BFA from the Philadelphia College of Art and her MFA from the University of Washington. She has taught at schools across the country including Oberlin College, the University of Montana and the University of Washington. Among the numerous awards she has received are an Artist Trust Fellowship, a National Endowment for the Arts and a Visual Artists Fellowship in Sculpture.