Katherine Ace

About Katherine Ace

“The intersection of contraries fascinates me: ecstasy and agony; humor and tragedy; natural and constructed realities; experience and news. I am captivated by complex issues that we all face, and yet experience personally, intimately. I am interested in the role of dark feelings, thoughts and states of mind in the process of transformation, l am drawn to fire beneath reserve.  Although stylistically I incorporate representation, paradoxically, I approach the canvas abstractly and employ gesture founded in Abstract Expressionism.

I throw paint at the canvas and sculpt the surface using painting knives, nails, pins, bottle brushes, gold leaf plastic, anything that is lying around. Into the surface I incorporate paper collage, feathers, beans, tacks, sticks, glass and more.

My subject matter includes the figure (invented, remembered and/or quoted) as well as still life of paper, textiles, flora and fauna, food, weapons and toys. I work whatever my mood, and each piece combines the intentional with the accidental, the textured layers forming what becomes the body and flesh of the painting.” – Katherine Ace