Victoria Adams

About Victoria Adams

“Each painting I do provides an intimate window into a particular universe.  The places I paint do not exist in real life, yet each depiction is “real” in its own way.  I invite a viewer to insert him- or herself into the boundaries of the painting and set about to roam.  I use the contours of the land, strategically placed trees, waterways, the horizon, and especially my trademark skies to invite exploration and reaction to the parts of each particular scene—as well as how each scene is rendered in oil paint on linen.  Each painting is a unique locale—a little universe—drawing us in to linger and explore.

I do want the paintings to provide an interface between how a painting is experienced and how nature is experienced.  I feel that it is still possible, and probably more important than ever during our current preoccupation with climate change and global warming, for an individual, standing alone before a landscape to have a conscious awareness of being overwhelmed–whether you want to call this state transcendence, or joy, or fear, or vulnerability in an unpredictable universe.  I want a viewer to feel participation and inextricable belonging in the larger matrix of sky, distance, and land that I paint.” – Victoria Adams

Centuries of landscape painting tradition inform the work of Victoria Adams. Light shimmering through a cloud-laden sky, meandering rivers, and an uninterrupted terrain filled with trees connect her paintings to historical artistic conventions. Despite the scene’s beauty and serenity, it is eerily empty. Adams deliberately omits any signs of human habitation, editing out roads, farms and towns. These omissions remind us of how much we value the notion of unspoiled wilderness.