“Inside Out” New Paintings by Susan Bennerstrom

About the Exhibition


January 9, 2022 - March 2, 2022

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“An extended trip to Morocco in the Fall of 2019 filled me to overflowing with inspiration for future paintings.  Just as I was getting underway in the studio the pandemic hit.  Silence and solitude took the place of the color, chaos, noise, and chatter of the Moroccan medinas.  I surprised myself by becoming entranced by this state of stillness – it was so the opposite of my recent experience.

In the quiet I found myself going ever more deeply into the rooms and spaces I was painting.  The light took on even greater significance than it usually does in my work.  I finished the paintings for this show as we were moving from one phase of the pandemic to another.  I realize it’s a risky time for us all to be together in person, but I’m so happy for these paintings to see the light of day.  This show is literally a coming out from within.” — Susan Bennerstrom