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June 1, 2018 - August 1, 2018

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Traverse – New Paintings by Jared Rue

“In the exploration of our surroundings we inevitably encounter trees. They are partners to us in this world. We use them for shelter, food, furnishings, light, fuel, etc. They provide us with cleaner air and are an integral part of the cycle of maintaining a healthy planet. We are linked in so many conscious and subconscious ways, and our relationship is vital.

This work touches on the arboreal relationship we experience. Whether it’s hiking at the timberline, cutting a path to the beach, or ornamental shade in our yards, trees are omnipresent. They endure fires and droughts and yet there is always regrowth and rebirth. They provide not only homes for humans but for many species of animals and insects. We find refuge in and around them as we traverse our lives.” – Jared Rue