Patty Haller : Painted Forest

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Saturday, January 13, 2024, 3 - 6pm


January 2, 2024 - February 21, 2024

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“My paintings celebrate forests as complex natural systems. The forest is observable and measurable, but being in a forest is a spiritual experience. I love both conceptions, the science and the mystery.

There’s an intelligence to forest biology which I love to explore. My forestry skills help me see relationships between the plants and soils. My art skills help me see patterns and spatial relationships. I notice how woodland plants weave around one another, obscuring and framing views into the sky. I think about the enormous microbiomes of forest floors that determine the health and character of the ecosystem. Thinking about how life is nourished inspires me to try new paint layers, new techniques, anything to infuse more complexity into the painting while still creating a cohesive whole.” – Patty Haller