Jeff Day

About Jeff Day

“I have been inspired by the works of Henry Moore, Constantin Brancusi, Jacques Lipshitz, Barbara Hepworth and others of this 19th century genre. I seek to find a pureness of line and form found in nature and often use the human form to depict movement and action. I am looking for an essential truth with simple meaningful form with little embellishment.

Observing nature is part of an artist’s life. It adds to my knowledge of form, enables me to preserve my freshness, spares me from having to work from formulas and provides me with my sources of inspiration.” – Jeff Day

Jeff Day, a life-long resident of Washington State, has worked as a professional sculptor for over 20 years. He carefully explores the qualities of bronze to best represent the forms and shapes found in nature.

His sculpture has been exhibited, collected, and displayed throughout the Pacific Northwest and United States.