Michael Stasinos

About Michael Stasinos

“In landscape painting, it seems so simple to fall into the Impressionist’s quest for color and that of the fleeting moment. This impressionist’s aesthetic of landscape painting has always had a universal appeal.

It is a pure aesthetic experience, this pursuit of beauty and capturing the fleeting moment through mark making and color. From impressionism to ‘plein air’ painting today, this pursuit has been obsessed over by the artist and embraced by the public.

Yet, this popular aesthetic appeal that has always made me feel uneasy in my landscape paintings.

I made a decision that if the average landscape painting is viewed as a quick sketch, like a runner sprinting to the finish, then I wished to run a marathon and push the painting as far as my patience would allow.” – Michael Stasinos

He received his MFA (Cum Laude) from the New York Academy of Art in 1996. His artwork as been in exhibitions through-out America, including New York City, NY, Baltimore, MD, and Boston, MA. He resides in Seattle, where he continues to paint and teach.