Paul Horiuchi

About Paul Horiuchi

“I believe that the art of painting, and the painting itself, should convey a feeling of serene satisfaction and inner harmony.” – Paul Horiuchi

The great Northwest Artist, Paul Horiuchi (1906-1999), exclusively exhibited his major collage paintings with the Woodside/Braseth Gallery, (the Northwest’s oldest Fine Art gallery), from 1966 until his death in 1999.

John Braseth, (owner of the Woodside/Braseth Gallery) was requested and honored by the Artist’s widow, Bernadette Horiuchi to give her husband’s eulogy at St. Paul Catholic Church in Seattle, to a filled-to-capacity church of mourner’s and celebrants.

Woodside/Braseth Gallery is the primary dealer for the major Northwest Artists of our great region for over 50 years. We have placed over 3,000 artworks by Paul Horiuchi in Museums, Corporate Collections and Private Residences.

Horiuchi was born in 1906 on the shores of Lake Kawaguchi, Japan. As a child he learned calligraphy and later studied sumi techniques under the artist, Iketani. After, he moved to Seattle in 1946 he studied with Zen Master, Takazaki, who introduced him to Mark Tobey. In 1954, Paul Horiuchi executed his first collage, a medium that would later become his hallmark.

Starting in the 1950s, Paul Horiuchi immersed himself in experimentation with the medium of collage, elevating it to a level beyond the purely decorative and exploring its relationship to both traditional Japanese sources and contemporary American principles of abstraction.

Horiuchi said that his collages are “attempts to produce areas of peace and serenity with which to balance the sensationalism- the fast, hard tempo- of our time.” Through his skillful use of paint and Japanese rice paper he has become a master at communicating this wish to his audience.