Michael Stasinos

A Sense of Place

About the Exhibition


February 6, 2013 - March 9, 2013

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“These works were created during my past year of painting and traveling. My travels took me through Amsterdam, Paris, Antwerp, New York City and Utah. These works represent my efforts of painting on location during my travels, as well as painting locally around Seattle.

This eclectic group of paintings are my new creations, some done in an afternoon and others I have returned to and developed over many sessions at the location. Within my paintings are themes of transportation, signs, advertising, graffiti and nature amongst man made structures.

The human element within these environments is always in my thoughts. Evidence of the human footprint is the aim. Many of these images long to be populated, yet rarely are. I choose my locations without much planning except to paint an urban location that strikes my eye as interesting and challenging.

I hope to capture a sense of a place, time, and the personality of the space. These goals drive most my efforts and I hope you will enjoy the results.” –Michael Stasinos