Paul Horiuchi

Important Works by the Visionary Northwest Master

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October 4, 2017 - November 4, 2017

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Woodside Braseth Gallery presents Important Works by the Visionary Northwest Master, Paul Horiuchi (1906-1999)

“I believe painting must be both a distillation and an invention. The source continues to be earth and sky, growth and the seasons; but there continue to be new ways of seeing and thinking about these things. And that the art of painting, and the painting itself, should convey a feeling of serene satisfaction and inner harmony with which to balance the sensationalism- the fast, hard tempo- of our time..” –Paul Horiuchi

Over his lifetime, Paul Horiuchi (1906-1999) has given us images of originality and beauty. He matured as an artist in the company of Mark Tobey, Guy Anderson and Kenneth Callahan to name a few. Many have acknowledged Horiuchi as a “world master of contemporary collage”.

He sought to capture nature; inspired by weathered notices posted on street corners in the International District. Horiuchi realized their beauty. Through his skillful use of paint and Japanese rice paper, he has become a master at connecting with his audience in these works.

This special exhibition of his signature style collage paintings is a celebration of Paul Horiuchi’s accomplishment as one of the significant American artists of the 20th century.