Victoria Adams

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June 7, 2012 - July 10, 2012

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“My paintings of the landscape, offering panoramic views of sky and land, follow in the western European landscape tradition, as expressed by early Dutch, then English and French, and eventually American Luminist and Hudson River School painters.

The views I paint—made up of clouds, horizons, water, and the atmospheres of light—are conjured from my imagination. They exhibit not the realism of photographs, but rather a distilled and concentrated version of reality. My inspirations range from fragments of actual photographed scenes, to memories and daydreams, all filtered through the influence of the historical landscape tradition.”

The natural world presents us with an inherent radiance which is always already there, we have only to be present to it. We are what we are today because our primordial ancestors followed paths and riverbanks over the horizon, sometimes for the sheer sake of pursuing that natural radiance and luminosity.

The paintings I do, I hope, are capable of arresting our attention in the same way. I paint moments when we confront remnants of our species’ ancient past. To stand alone before one of my painted scenes and be completely present to it can evoke the simple feeling of existence, the quiet experience of being one individual in that same ancient continuum of time.”

–Victoria Adams