Art Zone with Nancy Guppy: Featuring Artist, Michael Stasinos

Michael Stasinos paints Seattle’s soul in breathtaking detail.  A self-described representational urban landscape artist, Michael Stasinos spends months, sometimes years, capturing in stunning detail the ineffable essence of streets, buildings, nooks, and crannies, found in and around Seattle.  On Art Zone with Nancy Guppy

Art Zone with Nancy Guppy at the Woodside Braseth Gallery

Nancy Guppy reunites with “Almost Live” alum Pat Cashman & more, including a visit to the Woodside Braseth Gallery to view our current exhibition and the re-discovered William Cumming “Mural of Skagit Valley County Agriculture 1941”.

Northwest Visionaries: A Documentary

Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, George Tsutakawa, William Cumming, Margaret Tomkins, Paul Horiuchi, Helmi Juvonen , Paul Havas, Kenneth Callahan and others discuss their lives and influences on their art.