Northwest Traditions: Kenneth Callahan & Friends

Also Featuring: “Variations on an Empty Vase” - New Paintings by Katherine Ace

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January 15, 2021 - April 8, 2021

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“I think important art is the combined vision of the outer and the inner eye. The outer eye is the basic thing, the essential source. This, combined with the inner eye (the accumulated experiences of seeing, unique to each person) is what I try to paint” –Kenneth Callahan (1905-1986)

“I am interested in complex story telling. Figures and the still-life evolve as open ended metaphors/allegories for concepts and environments that are themselves also metaphors/allegories, and therefore fold, like fabric, time or paint, back in on themselves. Like a poem, a painting is a surface. The depth is in the surface (oddly). It sort of dawns on you – like the way one remembers a dream sometimes, in fragments that float up all through the day, assembling themselves oddly, disturbingly…” –Katherine Ace

On view is an important and highly curated selection of artwork by the Northwest Master, Kenneth Callahan (1905-1986), as well as, new paintings by Portland Oregon based artist, Katherine Ace, from her series “Variations on an Empty Vase”.  And featuring artwork by Morris Graves, Paul Horiuchi, Guy Anderson, Victoria Adams, Gerard Tsutakawa, Jared Rue, Patty Haller and David Kroll.