Get a history lesson at Woodside/Braseth with works by Morris Graves and Jacob Lawrence

Two Stellar shows by artists with deep local ties, Morris Graves (1910-2001) and Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000), include magnificent touchstone works by the artists, while also revealing unexpected side of them…

Barbara Earl Thomas, Winner of a Stranger Genius Award in Art

“In no time, the painter and printmaker, now 67, had a new medium. You see it in mural-sized works and an entire illuminated chapel at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, where Earl Thomas’s scenes of disaster are embraced in the minor salvations of her fluid lines. For 35 years, her work has put a little fragile light between us and the worst things. It’s as simple, and remarkable, as that.”

An Important Exhibition of the Works of Kenneth Callahan at Woodside/Braseth Gallery

The fate of the Northwest School and its “Big Four” artists- Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Guy Irving Anderson and Kenneth Callahan.

“Paul Horiuchi : Master of Collage” at the Woodside Braseth Gallery

This Paul Horiuchi survey is the latest of several posthumous gallery and museum exhibits since the Japanese-born artist’s death in 1999 at age 93.

The Seattle Art Fair Was So Successful, The City Literally Applauded

Who knew Paul Allen cared this much about art? He has emerged as Seattle art’s mega-patron

What to Do in Seattle: Tips From the City’s Wine Guru

“If there’s anybody that knows everything about Pacific Northwest art, it would be John Braseth.” – Charles Smith

Seattle Art Fair: Paul Allen Idea Lures Wheeler-Dealers of Art World. An article in the Seattle

Seattle is already recognized as a great city for the arts, but this new fair debuting this week has attracted some of the most influential art galleries in the world.

“Motherland,” by Seattle landscape artist Jared Rue. Woodside/Braseth Gallery will show Rue’s work at the Seattle Art Fair.

Natural Catastrophes

Seven painters and sculptors exhibiting regularly in Seattle and, in a few cases, nationally and internationally, have loosely coalesced into a hitherto unacknowledged group—the dystopian artists of the Natural Catastrophes School

Nathan DiPietro: nicely fooling with Mother Nature

A review of “The Structure of Things,” an exhibition of DiPietro’s paintings at Woodside-Braseth Gallery in Seattle.

Painter Jared Rue Brings Nature in Close

Jared Rue is one of those artists who plays with your perceptions. You wonder how his flat canvases can give such a sense of dimensionality. How can he achieve the depth, the layers, the images that recede into the distance? The longer you look at his paintings, the more the foreground gets closer and the background moves away.