Three Seattle galleries join forces to display works of artist Michael Spafford

More than 100 Spafford works will be on view this spring during an unprecedented collaboration by Davidson Galleries, Greg Kucera Gallery and Woodside/Braseth Gallery.

Celebrating William Cumming and Jacob Lawrence at Woodside/Braseth Gallery

Now “A Centennial Celebration: William Cumming & Jacob Lawrence” offers a chance to dig deeper into these two artists’ legacies…

Seattle Art Fair Solidifies Standing in Year Three

Event adds blue-chip galleries and international flavor to attract national as well as regional collectors.  The Seattle Art Fair (3-6 August) kicked off its third edition with an expanded exhibitor roster and measured optimism from local and international dealers.

Hurry if you want to see the famous long-lost William Cumming Mural

The 1941 mural by famed Northwest artist Cumming sat undiscovered in a barn for decades and was identified after it was displayed at the Skagit County Fair in 2014. It’s now visible to the public — for a short time — at a Seattle gallery.

Landscapes That Escape Boundaries, Works by Lisa Gilley

An animist energy suffuses the oil-on-panel paintings of Seattle-area artist Lisa Gilley. She has a knack for making nuances of landscape seem psychologically as well as topographically complex. Her Alaska glaciers, Grand Canyon vistas and Pacific Northwest peaks raise emphatic points. It’s no wonder that the names of gods and ideals sometimes get invoked in the scenes she conjures .

The story has all the elements of a Dan Brown thriller:

A mural by famous Northwest painter William Cumming — now clearly a priceless masterpiece — forgotten in a Skagit Valley barn for decades and rescued from burn pile oblivion only by a cascade of coincidences…

Get a history lesson at Woodside/Braseth with works by Morris Graves and Jacob Lawrence

Two Stellar shows by artists with deep local ties, Morris Graves (1910-2001) and Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000), include magnificent touchstone works by the artists, while also revealing unexpected side of them…

Barbara Earl Thomas, Winner of a Stranger Genius Award in Art

“In no time, the painter and printmaker, now 67, had a new medium. You see it in mural-sized works and an entire illuminated chapel at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, where Earl Thomas’s scenes of disaster are embraced in the minor salvations of her fluid lines. For 35 years, her work has put a little fragile light between us and the worst things. It’s as simple, and remarkable, as that.”

An Important Exhibition of the Works of Kenneth Callahan at Woodside/Braseth Gallery

The fate of the Northwest School and its “Big Four” artists- Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Guy Irving Anderson and Kenneth Callahan.

“Paul Horiuchi : Master of Collage” at the Woodside Braseth Gallery

This Paul Horiuchi survey is the latest of several posthumous gallery and museum exhibits since the Japanese-born artist’s death in 1999 at age 93.